Argen services more than 5,000 dental labs in North America, offering high-quality materials and a wide range of digital solutions. ArgenIS Implant Solutions is a complete custom abutment system. ArgenIS Custom Abutments are compatible with 21 of the leading implant systems and are backed by a comprehensive warranty. Argen’s 5-axis precision milling strategies produce high-quality units available in the following material options: (1) full titanium with optional gold shading and retention lines, (2) zirconia hybrids, (3) screw-retained full contour zirconia hybrids, and (4) screw-retained CoCr SLM hybrids. The ArgenIS Implant Solutions System includes a complete scan body kit for accurate alignment, a proprietary design library, and all other tools and components needed to work with ArgenIS Custom Abutments. For more information, call (800) 255-5524.