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Cavex ColorChange preferred product 2013 by The Dental Advisor

Cavex Color Change

This modern dust free alginate has a functional colour indication system and a smooth homogenous consistency. Cavex ColorChange is highly elastic and extremely tear resistant, always resulting in perfect

impressions even around strong undercuts. Also this alginate has a 9 day dimensional stability ( based on recent study at ACTA ,the dental university of Amesterdam )and the impression can  always be    poured out at least twice.

The Dental Advisor

Cavex ColorChange was first tested by the The Dental Advisor in 2007 and was awarded the highest possible rating of 5+. Since then Cavex ColorChange was awarded numerous times and also for 2013 Cavex ColorChange can carry the tittle “Preferred product”. Hence, Cavex ColorChange can be considered one of the best products in today’s dental market.