Intraoral 3D Scanner V-IOS

Extremely high resolution of few μm (1/20 hair diameter) and acquisition of one billion 3D pixels per second for best fit of implants and all restorative techniques (crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers, partial dentures, temporary restorations or post abutments).

Highly precise scan of the hard and soft palate for orthodontic and prosthetic purposes. Increased patient comfort due to precise fit and elimination of intraoral impression-taking.

Optimal detection of preparation margins even subgingivally.

Buccal scans of the closed row of teeth can be used to create digital bite registrations and to deduct precisely contact surfaces.

Your perfect consultation basis for patient monitoring and prophylaxis.

Ergonomic operation: compact handpiece and flexible fiber optic cable for high-speed data transmission allow smooth motion during scanning.