IonoStar Plus/ Fast Setting Glass Ionomer Restorative

IonoStar Plus


- Restorations of non occlusion-bearing class I cavities
- Semi-permanent restorations of class I and II cavities
- Restorations of cervical lesions, class V cavities, root caries
- Restorations of class III cavities
- Restoration of deciduous teeth (permanent)
- Base/liner
- Core build-up
- Temporary restorations
- Extended fissure sealing


  • Does not stick to instrument -> easy to apply
  • 2 stage consistency -> easy adaption but still packable
  • Perfect wetting behavior -> excellent marginal adaptation
  • High translucency -> better aesthetic results
  • Tooth-like fluorescence -> better aesthetic results
  • Excellent physical properties -> long lasting restorations
  • High fluoride release -> minimizes secondary carries