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iTero (Align)

iTero (Align) 

 The iTero was one of the big players in the past that first used confocal microscopy (which 3Shape also makes use of) for image acquisition. 

 Its current market is for full-mouth orthodontic impressions, and mostly specific to Invisalign treatments. 

 For this reason, it can scan relatively quickly 

 However, it was one of the biggest and heaviest scanners shown at IDS and, as a result, can be rather unwieldy to handle. 

 For me, who was using this device for the first time, it was very difficult to complete a scan using only one hand. 

 The rep assured me that one-handed operation was possible, but in certain tooth positions even he had to stabilize the scanner head with the offhand. 

 Though Im sure this technical issue can be overcome with practice, there are certainly lighter alternatives available that could scan equally rapidly and smoothly, if not more. 

 New upcoming updates will allow prosthodontic impressions in addition to the orthodontic impressions, expanding its target demographic. 

(iTero (Align 

 تعد  من الماسحات القديمة التي استعملت المجاهر أحادية البؤر الذي تستعمله ماسحات  Shape أيضا   لالتقاط  الصور. 

 تستعمل حاليا   للحصول على طبعات لكامل الفم للمعالجة التقويمية و خصوصا معالجات  Invisalign . 

 سرعة المسح عالية نسبيا   . 

 أحد أكبر  وأثقل الماسحات الضوئية  و نتيجة لذلك   تكون غير عملية إلى حد ما   

 من الصعب إجراء المسح بيد واحدة  و خاصة عند استعمال الجهاز للمرة الأولى  

 يمكن التغلب على هذه المشاكل مع الممارسة لكن البدائل الأخرى  منخفضة الوزن   و التي تسمح بإجراء المسح بكل سرعة و سهولة  متوفرة . 

 تسمح التحديثات الجديدة  بإجراء  مسح  الطبعات للمعالجات التعويضية لإضافة للطبعات التقويمية  .