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Made to perform. The pinnacle of ergonomic engineering.

Poor posture is a major contributor to shortened dental careers, with one out of four dentists becoming disabled at some point before retirement.1 In collaboration with dental teams, A-dec has designed two new products to help combat these statistics, and encourage proper posture and positioning all day long: A-dec 500 stools, and a new lever-style foot control.

The new feature-rich A-dec 500 stools provide pressure relief support via a dynamic seat assembly that enables good blood flow to the legs, while setting up the lower lumbar for a proper, healthy torso posture. Both the doctor’s and assistant’s stools feature a dynamic seat designed on a suspension frame, which flexes and conforms to the body’s every move. The middle layer of the seat structure is engineered with four individual performance zones for tailored comfort and support. To further customize the stools, easy-to-access paddles are micro-adjustable for each user and task, allowing practitioners to remain in an ergonomically healthy posture throughout the day. “Overall, I believe these new stools can help minimize the discomfort and pain of a very demanding profession,” says Greg Watson, Senior Product Manager. “Dentists use their stool all day, every day. It needs to perform great.”

Nine patents are pending on the unique A-dec 500 stool design.

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