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MyClip by Polydentia SA

MyClip by Polydentia SA

Save time: Forceps and Matrix Ring all-in-one!



With MyClip you will make yourself a personal gift, as this is the worldwide first sectional matrix ring combined with forceps! Forget buying expensive forceps for every type of matrix system you have in your office, avoid sterilizing mountains of forceps every evening and just replace the rubber ends whenever you think there is necessity for it. Create your personal passion for an innovative and smart dental device, making your daily clinical life faster, easier and cheaper!


Developing MyClip we asked and listened to worldwide dental specialists. The specifically adapted separation force leads to a gentle pressing of the sectional matrix to the tooth. No exaggerated separation force where it is clinically not needed, often pushing the matrix into the cavity and leading to imperfect contact point in class-II procedures. It’s at the end a loss of your chairside-time!


Wedges can easily be inserted in the dedicated slot of the clip ends. Or then just place MyClip over the wedge previously positioned. Feel free to follow the procedure suitable for the specific clinical situation, in the most of the cases with a single-hand operation.


Respecting the highest standards of dental sterilization, clips and rubber ends are resistant to ultrasonic bath, autoclave and thermodesinfector.

مسندة  MyClipهي أول مسندة حلقية فيجميعأنحاءالعالمتصلح لجميع أنواع  الترميمات وتحل محل نواع المساند الأخرى غالية الثمن  وكذلك تغني عن رأس  المطاط وهي مبتكرةوذكية،ممايجعلالممارسة  السريريةاليوميةبشكلأسرعوأسهلوأرخص!