Remover facilitates endodontic retreatment

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مبارد خاصة عالية المرونة من النيكل والتيتانيوم تتكيف مع التشريح الطبيعي للقناة وتساعد في تفكيك المادة الحاشية الموجودة عند إعادة المعالجة بكفاءة - دون الحاجة إلى مذيبات إضافية.

في الوقت نفسه ، تكون المبارد لطيفة على بنية السن المحيطةو يوفر طرفها غير القاطع أمانًا إضافيًا أثناء التحضير : لمزيد من المعلومات
Where in the past only an implant offered the last resort, today, thanks to modern endodontics, many damaged teeth can be preserved. With the total number of cases, the number of retreatments in endo-practices is also growing, either because the clinical picture is different from what the referring dentist thought, or because the pioneering materials have proven to be less durable. The uncomplicated removal of previous endodontic restorations has thus become part of the standard program of reliable root canal treatment.

Remover file for safe preparation

With the special revision files, the internationally leading dental specialist COLTENE is currently expanding its range of highly flexible nickel-titanium files. The new HyFlex and MicroMega 30/.07 removers perfectly match the established file systems and remove insufficient gutta-percha fillings and similar outdated endodontic restorations in an instant. Thanks to their filigree shape, they adapt to the natural anatomy of the canal and efficiently loosen the existing dental material - without the need for additional solvents. At the same time, the remover files are gentle on the surrounding tooth structure: their non-cutting tip offers additional safety during preparation.

For a quick and thorough treatment, the subsequent use of the appropriate NiTi files is recommended for the optimal shaping of the root canal. The files with Taper 07 are now available in the lengths 19 and 23 mm in well-assorted dental depots. They fit seamlessly into the range of particular designed special files from the COLTENE Group, such as the HyFlex CM and EDM or the MicroMega 2Shape and One Curve files.

Full support for the practice

On or one of the innovation leader's social media channels, interested dentists can find out about the latest trends and ideas from the dental world. In addition, COLTENE also offers a wide range of training courses and practical workshops to ensure the optimal use of technical aids and digital assistants. This way, even endo beginners will be able to achieve competent and efficient preparation after only a short time.