Thanks to the AI, your dental practice will gain in profitability, speed, and quality

زيادة كفاءة المعالجات السنية و  سرعتها باستخدام الذكاء الآلي لتشخيص الصور الشعاعية

Automated diagnostics for X-ray images in dentistry

Dentists miss over 30% of pathologies

Denti.AI is developing software to help interpret X-rays more accurately using artificial intelligence


Why more profits?

Reported 20-40% of conditions are not diagnosed by skilled practitioners. More accurate diagnosis allows for early intervention, increased ROI (more care, less expensive), and enhanced outcomes
Thanks to rich graphic visualizations of an objective second opinion, patient acceptance will be improved for earlier treatment or additional examinations
Adoption of AI will create a buzz about your state-of-the-art practice methodology leading to word of mouth referrals


Why greater speed?

On average, a dentist

spends up to 15 minutes

on dental charting

Over time this adds

up to 25-30 business days

a year

With Denti.AI,

imaging-based charting takes only

4 seconds