Thermo Clone™ VPS

hermo Clone™ VPSصممت مادة الطبع
خصيصًا لإنشاء طبعات دقيقة ومتسقة
Vinyl Polysiloxane Impression Materia
Thermo Clone VPS impression material is specially engineered to create precise, consistent impressions. The VPS material begins setting when it is placed in the patient’s mouth for a faster working time and to help prevent distortion.
Thermal-accelerated set allows for a faster intraoral setting time
Premium vinyl polysiloxane produces reliable, consistent outcomes
Super hydrophilic material adapts well to a wet environment
Thixotropic properties allow the material to flow into the spaces between teeth to capture every essential detail, including the margin
High tear strength
Excellent dimensional stability
Regular and Fast set times
Unique easy-to-install dynamic mixing tip and 380 ml cartridges are compatible with any automatic mixing machine