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TRIOS 3 (3Shape) image /video

TRIOS 3 (3Shape) image /video 

 Already with one of the fastest scanners on the market, 3Shape had really outdone themselves this year at IDS with the addition of new features. 

 There were some nifty upgrades to both the Dental Designer software and their scanner hardware, one of which is the new wireless model. 

 The wireless model, available at a premium price, was surprisingly fast in terms of scanning speed and response time. 

 There was no noticeable difference between the wired and wireless versions, although the latter does seem to have a second or two of connection time prior to each scan. 

 A new update in the software allows the scanners to act as remote controls. At the current stage, the user interface is slightly cumbersome and not very responsive (it even froze at one point, as shown in the video), but the idea seems very promising. 

 Another software update that I really enjoyed, called Digital Patient Monitoring, was the ability to track the patients oral conditions over time, but thats a discussion for another time 

 Overall, the hardware didnt change very much, but the whole workflow has been made smoother and more intuitive. 

(TRIOS 3 (3Shape 

 من أسرع  الماسحات الضوئية في السوق و قد تفوقت هذا العام في معرض IDS   بإضافة مزايا عديدة  . 

 أضيفت  بعض التحسينات لبرمجيات  تصميم الأسنان  و برامج المسح و منها  النظام اللاسلكي  . 

 يتوفر نظام المسح اللاسلكي بتكلفة  مميزة و يتصف بسرعة المسح وسرعة   في وقت الاستجابة  . 

 لم يلاحظ اختلاف بين  نموذج  الماسح السلكي و اللاسلكي  على الرغم من  أن الماسح اللاسلكي يحتاج إلى وقت اتصال يقدر بثانية او ثانيتين قبل اجراء كل مسح . 

 أضيف نظام تحديث جديد لبرنامج software  يسمح باستخدام   الماسح الضوئي  كلوحة تحكم  . و يكون في المرحلة الحالية سطح الاستخدام مرهق قليلا ولا يستجيب كثيرا الا انه واعدا جدا . 

 وهناك برنامج اخر مثير يدعى مراقبة المريض رقمياً الذي يمكن من متابعة حالة صحة فم المريض بمرور الوقت وسيناقش هذا الموضوع لاحقاً. 

 لم يتغير نظام hardware  كثيرا  و لكن سير العمل أصبح أكثر سهولة و بديهية .