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VIZ (Adin)

VIZ (Adin)

• The VIZ wasn’t the biggest scanner, but the thickness of its handle made it difficult to hold in a pen-grip.

• The scanning speed was perhaps the slowest of all the scanners.

• The resolution of the model after post-processing was a bit low, since polygonal surfaces were clearly visible without zooming in very much.

•The main selling point of this scanner seemed to be its price, or in the rep’s own words: “It’s simply the best scanner for the money.” I would probably, and respectfully, disagree 100%.

• #05/15/2017 UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention that the VIZ software does have touch-screen function as long as the accompanying laptop supports it.

VIZ (Adin)

ليستمناكبرالماسحات  الضوئية  لكنسماكة مقبضالماسح يجعل مسكا لماسح   صعبا بقبضةاليد.

منأبطأالماسحات  الضوئية  منحيث  السرعة.

 دقةالنموذجبعدالمعالجة اللاحقة منخفضة  قليلا و  كانت السطوحالمضلعة و اضحة للعيان دون التكبير كثيرا.

منخفضالسعر   .

 تعمل وظائف الماسح   بواسطة شاشة لمس إذا كان جهاز الكومبيوترالمرافق  يدعم ذلك