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You’ve probably heard of neurons: The brain cells responsible for our thoughts, actions and personalities have become a familiar concept around the world. But the very idea of the nervous system is relatively recent; we’ve only known about nerve cells for about 130 years. Early understandings of these complex and diverse cells emerged from a unique staining method pioneered by Italian scientist Camillo Golgi, for whom the approach (and a cell’s Golgi apparatus) is named.

X-RADiUS Compact is a highly advanced dental equipment by Castellini, with panoramic capabilities. X-RADiUS Compact Remote Panel allows X-RADiUS Compact users to connect via Wi-Fi to the equipment, browse the diagnostic programs available, select an imaging modality and a region of interest before performing a radiographic examination.

It is nearly time for this year's conference! The Organizing Group and Staff at the Pacific Dental Conference are excited to present a special Virtual Experience for PDC 2021. In keeping with our track record of first class dental education, you will be able to enjoy lectures on current topics, networking with friends, and visiting your favourite companies from the comfort of your own device, anywhere, anytime. Sessions will launch at scheduled times during the PDC dates of March 4 - 6, 2021. Pre-recorded sessions will remain available on-demand until Apr 30, 2021.

A complete guide for preparing and marginating teeth for CAD/CAM restorations, a critical foundation for success in digital dentistry. Learn how to prepare teeth conservatively in a range of clinical scenarios and place margins using CEREC and TRIOS
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Fundamentals of Intraoral Scanning
Learn how to master intraoral scanning including techniques and scanning pathways, as well as quadrant, full arch and edentulous scans. In this course we cover real-life scan demonstrations, key clinical tips and tricks, and staff delegation.
Everything you need to know to master Intraoral Scanning

A third of Parents say the COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult to get dental care for their children, though some families may face greater challenges than others, according to the CS Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health at Michigan Medicine.
For example, inability to get a dentist appointment during the pandemic was three times as common for children with Medicaid than those with private dental coverage.

Current advice from the America Dental Association tells you that if your gums bleed, make sure you are brushing and flossing twice a day because it could be a sign of gingivitis, an early stage of periodontal disease. And that might be true. So if you are concerned, see your dentist. However, a new University of Washington study suggests you should also check your intake of vitamin C.

دراسة جديدة تدل على زيادة خطر الإصابة بكوفيد لدى مرضى انقطاع التنفس أثناء النوم
Sleep apnea is a risk factor for COVID-19, according to researchers at Turku University Hospital and the University of Turku in Finland who studied patients during the first wave of the pandemic.
Southwest Finland, with a population of 480,000, managed the first wave of the pandemic with a relatively small number of infected people, the researchers said. Of the 278 who tested positive, 28 were admitted to Turku University Hospital by May 3, 2020.

ندوة الخبراء الدولية لهذا العام , وتتضمن محاضرات يمكن حضورها عبر الانترنت مجانا في أي وقت

Patients who take bisphosphonates (Bfs) for bone conditions may experience osteonecrosis, or bone tissue death, as a side effect of those medications and potentially impact the long-term survival rates of their dental implants.

However, clinicians at the Bauru School of Dentistry and State University of Maringá in Brazil successfully treated a patient with low bone mass, also known as osteopenia, after a thorough review of the literature.