This logic is perfect for adjusting and polishing porcelain and ceramic
crowns. Adjust your restoration with our exclusive ZIR-CUT diamonds
without fear of chipping or creating micro-fractures. Achieve a “wet”
look polish with the 3-step CeraGlaze polishing system. The kit includes
6 ZIR-CUT diamonds and 3 NTI® CeraGlaze® intra-oral polishing points.

Recommended Sterilization Procedures for
AXIS Dental Aluminum Bur Blocks
1. Dry Heat, Autoclave and Chemiclave Sterilizers Operate sterilizer unit
within time and temperature ranges suggested by the manufacturer.
2. Ultrasonic Cleaning - Use general purpose solutions which are safe
for aluminum, containing no alkali products such as sodium hydroxide,
potassium hydroxide, or other hydroxides.
Directions for Ultrasonic Cleaning:
A) Mix solutions as suggested by the manufacturer
B) Follow the suggested cycle time
C) Remove from solution and rinse well with water
D) Dry thoroughly before placing in sterilization pouches.