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Nikolajczyk’s research focuses on immuno-metabolism, or the role the immune system plays in obesity and obesity-associated complications like type 2 diabetes.Type 2 diabetes makes people more l

A journal has been published detailing a study on the development on a hybrid polymer, which could be used to print scaffolds for cells to grow, creating engineered tissues.

Researchers believe they have identified some nanoscale elements that govern the behavior of our teeth

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Periodontitis, a gum disease present in nearly half of all adults in the United States, involves inflammation, bleeding and bone loss. In its severe form, it is associated with systemic inflammatory conditions such as atherosclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Regression analyses suggest association between increases in consumption of fluoridated water and type 2 diabetes.


By Michael Zuroff, DDS/   dentistry    IQ   /


Why we need to change our attitudes toward dentures
For generations, dentures have been an economic and reliable form of tooth replacement. These successful prosthetics are a must-have when treatments such as dental implants are not an option.

Systemic antibody responses to oral bacteria with aging
March 17, 2016
International & American Associations for Dental Research
New patent on synthetic molecules brings researchers closer to therapeutic approach for gum disease
December 15, 2015
University of Louisville



planmeca new CAD CAM

HELSINKI, Finland: The Planmeca FIT system for chairside CAD/CAM dentistry provides clinics with a completely digital workflow from start to finish. It seamlessly integrates intra-oral scanning, 3-D designing and on-site milling into one system. Scanning within Planmeca FIT is now faster than ever before, and colour scanning is featured for the first time.


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