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Review of Intraoral Scanners at IDS 2017 - CS3600 (Carestream)

CS3600 (Carestream)
• Compared to the previous model that used photo-capture (CS3500), the new video-capture CS3600 is substantially better in almost every way.
• The scanning speed is not the fastest but was quite smooth.
• The scanning head size is decent and has an interesting aspect-ratio, with the option to choose between a wide and narrow version.
• The version shown at IDS was the wide version, and I could handle it just fine on the typodont.
• I also tested this IOS on a real person, and the results were better than I expected. There were a few issues, but given the lack of a proper setup at the trade show, I don’t think my assessment here would be fair.
• Overall, CS3600 was a pleasant surprise, considering how far it has come since CS3500.
• As an aside, the CS Restore software still suffers from a multitude of limitations, one of which is the inability to design multi-unit restorations.
CS3600 (Carestream)
• تعد ماسحات  ((CS3500الأفضل عند مقارنتها بما سبق من حيث  التقاط الصور و هو ما يوفره نظام تصوير الفيديو الجديد في ماسحات CS3500   . 
• ان هذه الماسحات ليست من أكثر الماسحات سرعة الا ان انها تمتاز بسلاسة المسح .
• يعد حجم  الرأس  الماسح مناسبا و يكون خيار المسح  واسعاً أو ضيقاً . 
• عرض  في معرض   IDS نموذج  ماسحات Carestream الواسعة  الذي يمكن التعامل معها جيدا 
• اختبر الباحث هذه الماسحات سريريا ووجد انها  أفضل مما كان يتوقع  مع وجود بعض الملاحظات  .

• تعاني برمجيات   software  من بعض القيود  مثل عدم القدرة على تصميم وحدات ترميمية متعددة  . Robust, streamlined design. Superior integration. Great access. With A-dec 300® you get exceptional performance in reliable system at an affordable price.